Dear Lord,

There's a girl I like.

And I'm thinking of
asking her out.

But I'm afraid!

She seems so knowledgable.

So erudite, so enlightened.

And numerous other words
from my thesaurus.

Her friends
seem so “with it”...

And mature.

Can I possibly compete?

Do I belong in her
circle of friends?

Will I fit in?

I think she
might like me.

But I'm just not sure.


O God, be with me.

Help me overcome my fears,
and self-consciousness.

Give me the strength
that comes from knowing

You are with me.

I know I'll turn red,

And look stupid.

What if she says no?

If she says yes,
I might be even
more scared!

How do I
find the words

To tell her how I feel?


If I could just be myself, Lord.

Help me show her
all that I am.

Responsible, caring,
Helpful and kind.

I've never been
On a date before.

I'm not sure how to act...

Or what to talk about!

I guess I'm nervous.

But I'm excited too!

I'm starting a whole new
part of my life!

I wonder if she likes me,
and if she'll go out with me.

Lord, help me
know what to do.