As they celebrate the birth of Christ by matching beats, throwing each other watered down gang-related signs, generally wording it up & obeying their thirst & what have you, we in the audience begin to notice - hey wait a minute - their feet are leaving the ground!
I suppose the implied understanding here is that young adults have more going on inside their heads than meets the eye. In no short order, these individuals are lifted up and away, presumably toward asphyxiation and death.
All the while, each manages to carry on as part of a supportive, close-knit, racially diverse community: mixing and mingling without self-consciousness or undue complication. How delightful for everyone involved!
Wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't that be the perfect end to an all-night E experience with your friends? To run out of air. To fall asleep and die and be dead first thing in the morning. Particularly if you ingested anything cut with strychnine, which from what I'm told can result in all-day jitters back at the office.