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Self Contained
Making friends, working hard, and actively pursuing personal goals.
Mon Apr 8 2002 3:28pm
The Christmas Time Suicide Balloon
CONSUMER ALERT: Are our Christmas Time Suicide Balloons safe?
Fri Dec 14 2001 2:24pm
Nobody Came To My Winter Solstice Party
I'm not accusing anyone, just asking why and what gives.
Mon Nov 5 2001 9:49pm
Rhapsody In Yellow
Weather supercenter forecast: clear skies with light patches of severe thunderstorms.
Tue Oct 30 2001 10:00am
The Chinese Sticks
For my first trick, I must ask for nothing less than complete silence.
Mon Oct 22 2001 1:39am
There's A Girl I Like
Prayer thoughts for high school boys of dating age.
Mon Oct 22 2001 1:34am
Manage Your Web Dollars!
Understanding Cyberspace presents a rotating panel of tech leaders and industry professionals.
Mon Oct 22 2001 1:30am
Banana Peel Snarls Southbound Lanes
The first victim was a 21 year old perfume and fragrance retailer.
Mon Oct 22 2001 1:30am
You Sure Are Stupid
A collection of found photographs with accompanying poignant sentiment.
Mon Oct 22 2001 12:26am
Crashing and Burning
Yes! We have recommendations for you in tech support jokes, abortion gags, and toilet humor.
Sun Oct 21 2001 1:37am
The Javascript Doctor
I'm back, refreshed - and ready to tackle your questions! Won't you open your hearts and let me in?
Thu Oct 18 2001 11:22pm

Every time I step outside, it's impossible not to imagine all the horrible, embarrassing things I could do to get myself in trouble.

I could pull my pants down right now and my entire career as an independent content provider would be over.

These people look like they have their shit together, but underneath I'm sure hundreds of dark, horrible family secrets are waiting to burst forth.

I guess I could call mom and ask her for a loan. But then she'll want to have me out to the house for dinner. I'll be there for like three hours. She'll pull out her itemized list of all the modems and monitors she's bought for me in the past, and ask questions about installing AOL and I'll want to leave and I'll have no car and etc & so forth. I keep telling her there's already a resource out there for moms. It's called tech support. But she never laughs. Maybe she's going deaf.
One day, she called me at home. She'd been rummaging through the cardboard box her computer came in. She was holding a fistful of manuals and registration booklets, and she wanted me to describe to her which one I thought might be the System Folder. CHRIST JESUS MOM, LEAVE ME ALONE. No doubt someday she'll have Alzheimer's disease and I'll start getting indecipherable Dr. Seuss-like voicemail. Okay, I have to stop thinking about it right now.
Other things to think about:

- Getting my web page in order. (navigation bars, learning imageready)

- Calling that client lady back (finding her phone number)

- Paying phone bill.

- New shoes

- Nearly out of m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a.
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