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Author Topic:   An (Un)happy Wicca

posted 11-5-2001
01:13 PM

What did you miss?

WELL GEE WHIZ!!! Quite a lot, I'm afraid! The path to my front door was garnished with yellow and orange leaves to celebrate the presence of autumn, my favorite time of year.

I had about three dozen Wiccan candles lit up. These are beeswax candles, not regular candles. They're very expensive and difficult to locate.

I don't know much about Wiccan bees, but I wasn't going to be caught unprepared if one of them, say, chose to RSVP? Like I suggested we all do?

Oh yes! I'd laid forth an immense buffet of snacks and imported beers & wines (spirits) which I paid for myself. Show me a "witch" and I'll show you an excellent host.

It would have been free food and drink all night long, WiCcA StYLe under a wintery solstice moon. Imagine an extra-large bowl of Chex party mix just like the Wiccans served the Pilgrims all those centuries ago.

posted 11-5-2001
01:15 PM

I have to say the most difficult emotion to process was the hope. The hoping that someone - anyone - would show up. I actually had myself convinced.

I followed one couple just to see if maybe they were talking about me, but I think they were talking about going to the store.