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Author Topic:   An (Un)happy Wicca

posted 11-5-2001 01:10 AM

Yes, hello. Good evening. I would please like to know why nobody bothered to show up for my Winter Solstice party.

I know WS doesn't officially kick off for another three weeks, possibly four - but I can personally confirm that each of you received an Evite, that it was read, and that one or more of you clicked CMD or CTRL-W to dismiss the window.

You might remember my exact instructions: arrive around seven o'clock.

Not eight o'clock, not nine o'clock, certainly not never o'clock. I was already running behind, and if I'd gotten any sort of response throughout the course of the day, I might have planned a little better.

Do you know how many Wiccan kings there were? Hint: AROUND SEVEN.
Let me tell you something. I refuse to base my life exclusively upon and around consumptive corporational consumerism.

Had I been aware you folks had other plans, I would have prioritized my tasks more efficiently. Or slowed my frantic pace down a little. Or just not bothered.